Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gambar 10 org WANITA tercantik di dunia 2010


TC Candler presents The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces, which has been published, in various formats, every year since 1990… and in recent years has been seen by millions of unique visitors from around the world. The most recent videos have received over a million views. The lists have been featured on Digg and Stumble and have been accessed over 10 million times since 2007.

This list is only about beautiful celebrity faces. Unlike the Maxim, FHM, Askmen & People lists, it is not based on the “sexiest”, “hottest” or “best body”. As this is an international list with input from all over the world, you may discover some relatively unfamiliar faces. Despite fame being a prerequisite, it is certainly not based purely on public popularity. There will definitely be a few big name exclusions because of the specific criteria evaluated — Some who would make the “sexiest” lists may not be known for their facial aesthetic. Over 75 countries have been represented in the Top 100 over the years.

Of course, lists are very subjective — you will disagree with some of the choices, but perhaps you will find a new favorite.

Paling cantik : Camilla Belle . Umur 24 tahun. Masa kecik2 dulu dia ni ada berlakon cerita The Lost World Jurassic Park tu. Mesti korang ingat lagi kan:)

No 2 : Emma Watson
No 3 : Tamsin Egerton


4. Leighton Meester - Yang berlakon dalam cerita Gossip Girl. Gambar dia takmo letak..sbb agak tak senonoh. heheh

5. Alison Brie

The “Mad Men” and “Community” star is a gifted actress and one of the most energetic and fun personalities in showbiz today. She also ranks as one of the most photogenic women in recent memory.

6. Freida Pinto

She debuted on the list last year, following her breakout performance in “Slumdog Millionaire”, and rises two spots in 2010. The pristine Indian beauty is a sure-fire lock to be on this list for the next decade.

7. Alice Eve -Errrr...dia cantik tang mana tu?..........

8. Emily DiDonato -Supermodel

9. Amanda Seyfried -Pernah menang pertandingan "Best Eyes". Memang cantik pun matanya.

10. Christina Hendricks

The lovely redhead has achieved massive success with her role on “Mad Men”. Somehow, she combines both fearsome strength and delicate vulnerability. Along with Monica Bellucci, she is one of the most naturally sexy women on the list.

Kesimpulannya : Saya lupa nak hantar gambar untuk pencalonan tahun ni. Kalau tak Camilla Bella dapat no 2 la. Hahaha...

Sumber : dari sini.


Acik Mano said...

cantik adalah sesuatu yg subjektif... mungkin pd kite cantik pd org lin x cantik... n sebaliknye le...

cikbedahlaser said...

kenyataan terakhir itu sgt comel.. wahahahaha..klu kite sesama hntr borang?? akak berada di?? bawah saya la kan?? hahahaha

Queen said...

ha..gambar cantik ni nik nak tgk..gambor ngeri takmoh..hehehe

semua santek2....sebab santek tu kan subjektif.. =)

kadnag tu edit je

fazemy said...

Acik Mano- Haah...saya tgk 10-10 ni tak cantik pun. haha ayat jeles.

Rafidah- Nak jugak tu...haha kasi can la..

Nik -ayat2 dengki terserlah disitu.."kdg tu edit je"...:=p

attyfir said...

semuanya pun sgt hot

Nurmala Mazlan said...

Laa....apasal amik sampai ni 10 je..sebab muka kita no 11..Hua hua hua

Sheherazade said...

baca lah buku Engkau Memang Cantik(ECM)

Nanti jadi cantik hehe

fazemy said...

Atty- Marilah kita jadi hot jugak:))

...Mazlan -haha nak jugak tu...ok ambik no 0.001 la.

Pia- Semudah tu? wau!

fazemy said...

Nurmala Mazlan..camne leh ingt nama ayah ko je ni..eheh

nsita said...

Terima kasih buat saya tersenyum membacanya...